5 Ways Aspen Grove Studios And Divi Space Will Continue To Support You During This Crisis

5 Ways Aspen Grove Studios And Divi Space Will Continue To Support You During This Crisis

Update: Due to the continued economic and social impact of COVID-19 we have extended our support and outreach efforts that began in April. This includes reduced product pricing and free courses for those most in-need.

Unfortunately we can’t continue this program forever and it will be coming to an end soon. So act fast to take advantage of these steep discounts as they’ll be going away!

We at Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space are not immune to the impact COVID-19 still has had on society and the economy, and are aware of the fact that we are all in this together. Because of this we have continued  to shift our focus and efforts to help you, our customers in this great time of need. Whether you are a full-time digital agency owner experiencing a downturn in business, a part time web designer looking to expand, or a hobbyist trying to earn extra income online we want to help you do whatever it takes to make it through this crisis and come out on top.

Whatever your situation is you are STILL important to us and we want to help you. We plan on continuing to do this in a few different of ways for a short time longer:

1. Up to 60% OFF

We are still offering up to 60% off all of our Divi and Extra child themes and the prices are already reduced in the shop. All of our other products including plugins, layouts, icons and courses remain 40% off with coupon code InThisTogether. Act fast because these discounts will be expiring soon!

2. Business and Marketing Advice

Our support forum will continue to be open for more than just technical support for our Lifetime and Annual Members. Our team of experts will also be available to help you with business and marketing advice, helpful feedback on design projects and more.

3. More Tutorials, Snippets, Webinars and Blog Posts.

We have significantly ramped up the number of written, video and livestream tutorials that will be providing to the Divi community as a whole at no cost. Don’t forget to like us on facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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4. New Course For Divi Beginners (coming very soon!)

We are in the process of developing a Divi for Beginners course with our friends over at WP Gears.The course will help Divi novices quickly and properly learn the platform and launch their first website and will be available at a discounted rate for our Lifetime Members.



5. Scholarship/Free Education Program

We are still offering a scholarship/free education program aimed to help those individuals who are most in-need and out of work expand their skills to help get back on their feet. For every Course or Lifetime Membership purchased during this time we will be giving a free course away to individuals needing help.

Purchase a Lifetime Membership or individual course at 40% off using code InThisTogether to donate to this cause or fill out the application form below if you are currently in-need.  

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Purchase a Lifetime Membership or individual course at 40% off using code InThisTogether to donate to this cause OR fill out the scholarship/free education application form if you are currently in-need. 


Use Coupon Code: InThisTogether

Become a Member!

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Improve Your Skills And Grow Your Business!

To help people who are still facing adversity in these uncertain times, we are continuing to offer  a Scholarship Program. Online courses are often a big investment, and if you’re struggling to pay the bills, it may be hard to justify the cost. We are continuing to give away Divi Space Scholarships/Free Courses to those most in-need. Filling out the form below, is all you need to do for the application process. Learn how to build plugins with custom Divi Modules, take your CSS and jQuery to the next level, and more! Everything to make you a better designer, developer and entrepreneur will be right at your fingertips.

Scholarships/Free Courses Granted So Far:   41 

Scholarship/Free Course Application

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