Divi Chat Recap: Episode 68 – What to Look for When Choosing Website Hosting

Divi Chat Recap: Episode 68 – What to Look for When Choosing Website Hosting

In last weeks episode of Divi Chat, the panel got together to delve deeper into the topic of web hosting, focusing specifically on what to look for when selecting a web host.

Joined by some of the best minds in the Divi community, Episode 68’s panel featured:

The episode kicked off with the panel explaining the differences between the most commonly used hosting options. Typically, these options are:

  • Shared hosting (a shared environment where hundreds of websites occupy the same server),
  • VPS hosting (the sweet spot, where a website is allocated a dedicated space on a server and has full control over its own resources), and
  • Dedicated hosting (where a single website occupies its own server).

In the episode, the panel breaks down the pros and cons of each option, relaying their own experiences of different hosting options, and debating the nature of shared hosting and which sort of clients it would be best suited for.

Next, the conversation moved to the topic of managed hosting. An incredibly high quality hosting package for a typically high price, managed hosting sees the host company take care of a number of tasks for the webmaster, including backups, security measures and much more.

The most popular managed hosting services providers include:

As well as offering backups and security features that are on par with WPEngine and FlyWheel, A2 Hosting goes quite a few steps further.

Here, the differentiating factor is that A2 Hosting has optimized their managed WordPress services to cater to the various needs of different WordPress users. For example, A2 Hosting offers a managed WordPress service specifically for Divi web builds, which includes already-installed theme files, increased memory, performance-enhancing features and much more.

After a discussion on support – including the various modes of contact and why good quality support with open channels of communication is so vital – the panel moves onto discussing the topic of the data center location.

The physical distance between the end user and the server itself can play a large part in the delivery of the website and the overall experience thereof. As speed and performance are key to a successful site, it’s worth considering the geographic location of the hosting company and whether or not a CDN (Content Delivery Network) should be used.

Before concluding, the panel shared their recommendations for hosting companies, which included:

* An extremely popular hosting service with a great product, WPEngine recently became the center of attention after increasing their prices quite considerably, putting a lot of strain of agencies, collectives and individual developers that were managing the hosting on behalf of their clients. While WPEngine is a leading brand in the hosting space, the Divi Chat panel couldn’t offer a strong recommendation due to the change in the pricing model.

If you’re interested in learning more about website hosting, particular from the perspective of setting up and managing web hosting packages for your clients, check out Episode 42 of Divi Chat, How to Handle Hosting for Clients.


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