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  1. Manasseh

    Fantastic Work very simple easy to do really fun. Thanks

  2. Patrick

    Bravo for making this free.

  3. Al

    Thank you – the login page looks incredible.

  4. Kirk

    Thanks SJ, this is great. is there anyway of changing the background of the text boxes from the pale yellow to transparent to. it stays pale yellow for me when i log out and the username and password are saved.

    Thanks again for the tutorial

  5. Tanya

    Hi there,
    I just downloaded the Plugin and had a look at the files. Wouldn’t it be easier to copy and paste them into the respective files of my child theme?

    • Mark Hughes

      There is not a stylesheet which will affect the Login page. The plugin intercepts the call for the login page and links to the stylesheet.

      A plug in required for this, unless you want to manually edit your login page.

  6. Jakub

    Would this works on EXTRA as well ?

  7. Kenny

    My login page seems stuck on the same two colors – green and white gradient. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and repasted the code above, but I cannot get it to change. Any suggestions?

    • Stephen

      Are you changing the login-style CSS? You won’t be able to apply changes through your normal style sheet.

  8. Amy

    Awesome! Super simple to install, edit and tweak. My login pages now look amaaaaaaazing. Clients are very happy with this new styling. Thanks SJ for yet another excellent FREE Divi plugin and tutorial.

    • Stephen

      Most welcome Amy 🙂 Thanks for using our stuff

  9. Cliff

    Hi This is great – thanks for sharing!

    Do you mind if I ask – What controls the size of the logo? Mine is being displayed quite small and I would like to resize it. The actual logo size I am using 448 × 160 but the size of the logo I see on the login page is displayed at about a half or less of the actual size. Can I ask if this can be set and how?

    Thanks for considering!

    • Stephen

      Hi Cliff, if you look in the you’ll see this:

      .login #login h1 a {
      width: 200px;
      height: 100px;
      background-size: contain;
      background-position: center;
      margin-top: -20px;

      Just change the height and width to match your logo size 🙂

  10. Mark Richmond

    Ah man, I’ve tried it twice, can’t get it to work???
    I’m usually pretty good at this stuff, lol…

    • Mark Richmond

      Never Mind – Solved – lol

  11. Stephane

    Hi. This is pretty cool. Works fine on my Divi sites but the logo does not display if I use this on a site built with Extra. Can you please help. Thanks.

  12. Denise

    My background login is not transparent but have a white box instead for the input. How can I change this white box to match the background? Thank in Advance for your help

  13. aiden

    how to change the logo ? at the divi option or use other plugin ? because my logo for divi option have an low resolution and i want the login page have full resolution.

    • Cory Jenkins

      Looks great, nice work!

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