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Start creating amazing websites with the Divi Space Membership! The best WordPress and Divi plugins, child themes, icon packs, layouts, and more. With both LIFETIME and ANNUAL membership options, you’re sure to find a plan that works for you!

the Top 5 Reasons to
Become a Divi Space Member


  • 20+ Essential Plugins to take your websites to the next level
  • 30+ Premium Child Themes in a variety of genres
  • Premium Courses Unlimited access to select courses with Lifetime Membership or 20% off with Annual Membership
  • 25+ Layouts – mix and match to create web pages that really stand out
  • New! 42 Theme, optimized for Gutenberg
  • Icon Packs – personalize your site with hundreds of custom designed icons
  • WooCommerce Plugins – maximize your WooCommerce sites for profitability
  • WordPress Plugins – take advantage of valuable functionality enhancements for any WordPress website

Plus: Industry-leading 5* STAR support, Members-ONLY bonus content, and FULL ACCESS to ALL future products (including 2-week early access, before the general public)!


Divi Space was one of the very first companies to develop third-party plugins for Divi. Today, we’ve created over 100 premium Divi and WordPress products to help developers, designers, and DIYers like you make great websites.


You have multiple websites

You plan on buying even a few of our products

You’re a professional developer or designer

Top rated divi plugins

Divi Switch and Page Builder Everywhere are essential plugins for any Divi user, from beginner to expert. These two products are easily worth the price of our membership alone. But that’s just the beginning. Other super powerful plugins like WP and Divi Icons.

Divi Switch

Divi Switch lets you make powerful changes to the appearance and functionality of your website without writing any code. With 50+ switches, configurable in hundreds of different combinations, Divi Switch makes it so easy to create fantastic, high-converting websites that it’s almost like cheating. Put simply, if you create websites using Divi, you need Divi Switch.

Page Builder Everywhere

Divi revolutionized WordPress website creation. The problem is that it’s only available on posts and pages by default. Page Builder Everywhere changes this. Now you can use Divi Page Builder anywhere you want to put text on your Divi website, giving you unprecedented drag-and-drop control over your site’s layout and design.

WP and Divi Icons Pro

Designed to be the first and last icon plugin you’ll ever need. Over 450 custom designed icons (including fully customizable multi-color icons), along with the complete collection of icons from Font Awesome and Material Design. Compatible with all WordPress themes.

Divi Extras

Create great blog and magazine content in Divi using modules from Extra, Elegant Themes’ super popular e-magazine/blog theme

Divi Icon Party

Add icons for 34 additional social media channels, so your visitors can follow you where you’re most active


The ultimate testimonial plugin for Divi. Create attractive and engaging testimonials for your site.

Divi Breadcrumbs

Add breadcrumbs for easier navigation and better user experience.

Divi Ghoster

White label your website and remove all traces of the Divi theme from the back and front end.

  • Over 20 of the best Divi plugins on the market, expertly developed by one of the original Divi product creators
  • Professionally coded and lightweight so your website’s speed isn’t impacted
  • Add useful and exciting features to the already powerful Divi platform

Divi Child Themes

Save lots of time and create brilliant, high converting websites in a variety of industries

  • Over 30 custom designed premium Divi child themes developed and designed to convert for you and your clients
  • Divi & Extra child themes include specialized features with plugin integration. Just add your content and you’re good to go
  • Expertly crafted with everything you need in a multitude of genres such as eCommerce, business, nonprofits, photography, web designers/agencies, and many more

See all Child Themes >>

Premium Divi Layouts Bundle

Built by a team of web designers with years of experience, our collection of stylish and eye-catching premium Divi Layouts have been created specifically for Divi web designers looking to build beautiful and engaging web designs at a rapid speed.

Divi Layouts

Mix and match to create the perfect website

  • Over 25 expertly designed layouts to choose from
  • Mix and match, blend and customize to create something that’s uniquely yours
  • Quickly and easily create beautiful, high-converting websites with a professional look and feel

See all Layouts >>



Like most web designers, I have a list of plugins I use on every site and some are built by Divi Space. Page Builder Everywhere and Divi Switch are always part of my development process. They help reduce my development time and are great value for money. I highly recommend Divi Space to any developer. They offer solid products which are backed by high-quality support.



Divi Space have such great products! As a web designer who used Divi for all my builds, I am always on the lookout for good quality plugins to help me pull off my designs. Page builder everywhere and Testify have both helped take a number of my designs to the next level.



I bought Child Theme Bundle and I love how it looks like, it has many things added that would require Plugins. Footer editor, log in and 404 page. Not to mention the look and feel. I contacted their support and response was very fast, even though I’m over in Europe. I cannot recommend them more. Thanks!

Premium Courses

Learn advanced techniques for creating world-class Divi websites

  • Our premium courses will help you truly master the craft of building websites with Divi, so you can easily attract more business, charge higher rates, and delight your clients
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to select premium courses with a Lifetime Membership or 20% OFF with an Annual Membership
  • An exclusive community geared toward helping you become a world-class Divi developer

See all Courses >>

Divi Module Creators Course

Learn to create your own Divi modules for truly customized, high-end websites

Transforming Divi with CSS and JQuery

Learn to create advanced designs using CSS and JQuery so you can land bigger clients and charge more for your services

Export Items Pro

Generate in-depth customer purchase reports for your WooCommerce store

Product Sales Report Pro

Customizable reports to give you insight into the performance of specific products in your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce and Zoho CRM Connector

Easily transfer data between your WooCommerce store and the popular Zoho CRM

Scheduled Email Reports for WooCommerce Add-On Plugin

Schedule WooCommerce reports to be generated and sent to you automatically through email

Frontend Reports for WooCommerce

Easily and automatically generate sales reports on the front end of your WooCommerce website, visible to select users without granting admin access

WooCommerce Plugins

Analyze, optimize and manage your WooCommerce sites to make more money

  • Product Sales Report Pro will help you track important sales data to help maximize conversions
  • Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce generates in-depth data exports that provide details of customers’ product purchases
  • Make powerful aesthetic and functional site enhancements with Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

See all WooCommerce Plugins >>

42 Theme

Our very first custom-made theme, simply called 42, optimized for the Gutenberg WordPress editor. Comes complete with lots of child themes and custom blocks for fast and easy customization.

WP and Divi Icons Pro

Designed to be the first and last icon plugin you’ll ever need. Over 450 custom designed icons (including fully customizable multi-color icons), along with the complete collection of icons from Font Awesome and Material Design. Compatible with all WordPress themes.

Course Scheduler Plugin

Take full control over your WordPress LMS course schedules. Repeat courses multiple times without copying them, quickly change start and end dates, set auto-enrollment periods, and more.

Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition

Supercharge your website with an intuitive CSS and JavaScript code editor

Image Upload for bbPress

Enhances bbPress forums by allowing users to include inline images in posts

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Themes and plugins designed to help your websites stand out above the rest

  • Our brand new 42 theme, built for Gutenberg! Includes lots of child themes and custom blocks to customize and enhance user experience
  • Course Scheduler Plugin makes it easy to set multiple start and end dates for the same WordPress LMS course, along with other key scheduling features
  • WP and Divi Icons Pro is designed to be the ONLY icon plugin you’ll ever need

See all WordPress Themes and Plugins >>

Icon Packs

Hundreds of multi-color, solid, and lined icons in a variety of industries

  • Hundreds of line, solid color, and multi-color icons
  • Easy to edit and customize
  • All covered under Creative Commons licensing
  • Files include PNG, SVG, PSD, AI and EPS formats

See all Icon Packs >>



Well developed plugins and other assets that are practical and extremely useful. When developing a website, Divi Space’ products certainly help take a load of frustration off my back. Not only that, their support for these products is second to none!



Recently I joined the Divi Space course “Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery”. That really was a mind-blowing experience. Before I had taken part in that course, most of the Chrome Dev Tools were something like a mystery to me. But thanks to SJ’s tutorial about these awesome tools I’m starting to see through the game. Also, the custom support of Divi Space (Pablo) is excellent. Just purchased a lifetime membership.



Having recently purchased one of their Divi Themes, I can tell you this is a first rate company. The quality of the theme is exceptional, feature rich and really beautifully designed. And the support I have received since my purchase with regard to several technical questions has been excellent. I truly could not recommend them more highly.


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

If you are not happy with your membership or products, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!


Premium Child Themes and Layouts

Get immediate access to all of our Premium Divi child themes and Divi layout packs, free for use on unlimited sites. Our Divi Child Themes come with exclusive custom designed icon packs for use on any commercial projects with creative commons licensing.

Must Have Divi Plugins

Get immediate access to some of the highest rated, best Divi plugins from one of the oldest Divi product creators. Developed to make your websites perform better than the rest, use our collection of expertly engineered Divi plugins whenever you want.

Premium Courses

Get unlimited access to our select courses with a Lifetime Membership, or 20% off with an Annual Membership. Join thousands of students in an exclusive community geared toward helping you become a world-class Divi developer.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Get immediate access to our WordPress plugins that cater to developers and DIYers. This includes our much anticipated 42 theme for Gutenberg and all of its premium custom blocks, built for Gutenberg. The 42 theme for Gutenberg will come with custom designed child themes for any business niche.

VIP Support Included

If you ever run into trouble using one of our products, our team of award-winning customer care specialists will help you trouble shoot and problem solve. We have a dedicated full-time support staff ready to help troubleshoot any problem.

Woocommerce Plugins

Our collection of WooCommerce plugins give you access to powerful data reporting and management features that save you time and money. Make your WooCommerce sites instantly more profitable and easier to monitor.

Massive Savings

An Annual Membership saves you up to 90% compared to the price for all of our products without a membership. And when you consider that our Lifetime Membership includes full access to our select premium courses, it’s an even more outrageous value!

Access to All Future Products

Get access to all product releases as well as priority status alerts on all of our future product releases, special offers, sale deals, and more.

Exclusive Early Access

Get exclusive early access to all new products released 2 weeks before anyone else does. You’ll have a leg up on the competition.



Total value: $3,837


Annual Membership Lifetime Membership
$199.00 / year
$449.00 /one time
20+ Divi, WooCommerce, and WordPress Plugins
20+ Divi, WooCommerce, and WordPress Plugins
  30+ Divi & Extra Child Themes
30+ Divi & Extra Child Themes
  30+ Layouts
30+ Layouts
  New! 42 Theme (Optimized for Gutenberg)
New! 42 Theme (Optimized for Gutenberg)
  Premium Icon Packs
Premium Icon Packs
  Unlimited Website Usage
Unlimited Website Usage
  Premium Courses
Premium Courses 20% OFF
  Future Products
  Customer Support
  Future Updates
Purchase Now Purchase Now
Total value: $3,837


I have purchase many items from Divi Space and been very happy with them. I purchased the lifetime membership since they have consistently had great items. I recently had a CSS issue and they promptly assisted me in fixing my site. I have had to contact them a total of 2 times and have been very happy with their support and excellent customer service.

Korey Brooks

49 reviews and all 5 stars? Must be fake! Well, not this time. I never write reviews really but WOW! Divi Space can have my review any day. The price, service and communication is great. When I have issue with my website the customer care replies within a day with a step by step tutorial and even screenshots. Lovely.
Shohan Shah

These days honesty and integrity are getting harder and harder to find, so it was refreshing to discover Divi Space. These guys truly stand behind there products and prove it daily through there outstanding, above and beyond service department. I highly recommend them & give them 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

Pat Shane

Divi Plugins

Make impactful changes to your Divi website without touching a line of code.

Add icons, breadcrumbs, amazing testimonials, edit the footer, use Extra’s blog modules with Divi, white-label your Divi installations, use the page builder anywhere, create widgets, migrate your theme settings, customize login screens, select colors, create popups, and lots more.
Our Divi plugins are professionally coded and lightweight so your website’s speed isn’t impacted by adding new features.

Divi Child Themes

Save countless hours with attractive and engaging child themes.

Expertly crafted with everything you need in a multitude of genres such as eCommerce, business, non profits, photography, web designers and agencies and many many more. We also have all-purpose child themes to suit any need including a few child themes for the Extra theme.

Our Divi child themes include specialized features with plugin integration, creating a turn-key solution so you only need to add your own content. Images and custom icons are included. The custom icons can be used in your projects under Creative Commons Licensing. Files include PSD, AI, PNG, SVG, JPG formats.

Built for both performance and beauty, our child themes are easy to use and customize to suit your specific needs and branding.

WooCommerce Plugins

Customize your eCommerce store with powerful plugins for WooCommerce.

Enhance your WooCommerce shop with our exclusive WooCommerce plugins. Created to help get higher conversions, make more sales and manage your online store with efficiency.

Add several reporting features including sales reports, email reports, and frontend reports. Add the ability to export your order data for use offline. Connect your WooCommerce shop to Zoho CRM.

Our WooCommerce plugins work with any theme so there are no limits in building your WooCommerce store..

WordPress Plugins

Powerful tools to expand your experience as well as modify, customize, and enhance a WordPress site with ease.

Along with our massively popular plugins like Divi Switch and Page Builder Everywhere, we offer many other plugins that allow you to add new features and expand the functionality of any WordPress website. In all, membership gives you access to over 20 of the top WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Divi plugins on the market.


Become a master Divi developer with Aspen Grove Studios premium courses.

With over 1000 students, it’s safe to say our WordPress courses are popular. You’ll learn how to use CSS and JavaScript inside Divi as well as how to build your own modules. Our premium courses will help you truly master the craft of building websites with Divi, so you can easily attract more business, charge higher rates, and delight your clients.

Select courses are FULLY INCLUDED with Lifetime Membership and 20% off with Annual Membership.

Courses include video, written material, downloads, examples, webinars, a Facebook group, Q&A, and more. Each course includes certification. Master a course and boost your career in just 8 weeks. Our courses were designed and taught by the best in the business. You can rest assured that if we teach it, then we’ve perfected it.

Divi Layouts

Build beautiful websites at rapid speed with a collection of layout packs.

With over 25 custom layouts and landing pages, you can build your websites quickly and easily and have a professional look every time.

Our multi-page layout packs include the expected home page, about page, blog, projects, gallery, contact, shop, and more. They also include custom pages designed specifically for their genre including RSVP, Hire Us, Artists, Get a Quote, Take Action, and lots more. We also have custom landing pages, contact forms, email forms, and more.

Use as much or as little of the layout packs you want. Mix and match, blend and customize to create something that’s uniquely.

Icon Packs

Simple to work with and highly customizable icon packs.

Download hundreds of icons to use in your projects so they stand out from the crowd. Topics cover everything from business to non-profit to podcasting to general use. They include detailed and basic shapes.

Our list of icon packs includes: 301 free custom designed icons, 48 Multicolor icons, 100 Universal Icons, 100+ nonprofit icons, 35+ Podcast icons.

Art styles include line-drawn and hand-drawn artwork to ensure you’ll find the perfect icon for your website. Icon packs contain solid colors, multiple colors, and lined icons. Our icon packs can be used in your projects under Creative Commons Licensing. Files include PNG, SVG, PSD, AI, and EPS formats. The PSD, AI, and EPS formats can be customized with photo editing software to fit your creative design.