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The ‘Swiss army knife’ of all Divi plugins, Divi Switch makes adding powerful changes to your
website as easy as flicking a switch.

With over fifty switches, that can easily be toggled on and off, Divi Switch allows you to make hundreds of customizations to your website. Where site edits like this would either require the help of a developer or hours of investigation, tinkering and testing with code, Divi Switch solves both functional and aesthetic site problems, almost instantaneously.

Some of the amazing customization options of Divi Switch include allowing you to hide the gray sidebar
line, instantly add a nifty page pre-loader, hide a number counter when the final digit hits zero,
explore hundreds of animation and transition options, add Divi styling to Contact Form 7 forms,
change image aspect ratios and much, much more.

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Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes.

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Divi Switch makes customizing the Divi Theme easier than ever. Install the plugin and take advantage of a series of new ‘switches’ in your Divi theme options, each one makes powerful visual changes to Divi.

We’ve included a growing list of switches that let you create:

  • New Mobile Menu Options
  • Overlay Transitions
  • Hover Animations & Transitions
  • Improved Mobile Responsiveness
  • Menu Edits
  • Call to Actions
  • On-scroll Actions
  • Button Styles
  • Better Slider Transitions
  • Cleaner Footers
  • Better Comments Sections
  • Code Boxes
  • Multiple Filter Effects for Sections, Rows & Modules
  • Section Separators (Diagonal Lines, Circles & Arrows)
  • Screen pre-loaders
  • Instagram filters!
  • Pretty Sub Menus
  • Header & Footer Background Images
  • Material Design Buttons
  • Collapsed Sub Menus
  • Much more!

Keep an eye out for more switches in the near future and sister plugin ‘Extra Switch’ . We’ll also be creating a ‘Child Theme Developer Addition’ which will enable you to package your own switches inside of themes. 

How to Install

  1. Download the plugin zip file and install through your plugin options like normal.
  2. Activate the plugin and head Divi theme options where your new switches will be waiting for you.

Easy, right?

Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes.


  1. I love it! I turned it on and made some major changes to my website with a few clicks. Some of these I was using CSS Hero for, which took much longer. This will be an immediate install on every Divi website I create. And what a great thing that Stephen provided this for free to replace Divi Module Editor. He would have been perfectly justified to offer this as a separate product. That’s how you earn loyalty!

  2. Divi Module Editor was already my favourite Divi plugin, everything I used worked flawlessly. DIVI SWITCH looks like a worthy successor.

    Thanks for the big upgrade, Stephen. Your plugins make me look like a pro.


  3. Great upgrade from the module editor. Very easy to manage and totally worth the price

  4. Using Divi Switch has made my life as a developer easier as I spend less time enabling certain CSS “hacks” manually.

    Gives me more time to focus on things like page layout and design because less time is spent adding custom CSS to each Divi Site.

    Highly recommended for everyone from new Divi users to self-proclaimed Divi experts!

    Erik Wright
    Developer + Consultant @
    EW Technoloy – ewtech.ca

  5. Use 2.1 it on several sites. Plugin wants me to update to 2.10. Update failed. Uploaded manually a fresh 2.1 from here. Still wants me to update to 2.10. Seems you have a problem with updates here?

  6. Hi Johan, the plugin was actually updating (you’d have seen new switches included) but the notice got stuck in a loop. This has been resolved. Thanks 🙂

  7. Great time saver and nice price, loving it. And if i may, a feature suggestion:

    >> The ability to add more social media channels from the menu.

    Currently I have to keep editing /includes/social_icons.php would love to do this through a menu. Would mean one less not updatable file in my Child Theme (and saves more time).


  8. Will Divi Switch work in Divi 3.0?

    • Hi Judy, we’ll make any adjustments needed on the release of 3.0 to ensure Switch works seamlessly. 🙂

  9. It’s become my default for every Divi Site!

    Question: When using ‘shad-dark’ on top-level menu, sub-menu’s inherit the shadow. Is there a way to prevent that? Maybe add ‘shad-none’ to the Switch option? (Or is that just plain silly? 🙂

  10. The divithemeexamples videos of the prior and current version show a spelling error for a few switches. Will the next version correct it?

  11. Hi there. Is it compatible with Divi Booster or is like that you need to choose which one you’d like to use?

    • Hi 🙂 It’s fully compatible with Booster 🙂

  12. Hi, I am very interested into Divi Switch. Will it work well with Divi 3?

    • Hi. It works perfectly with 3.0 🙂

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